Pitaziki Mediterranean Grill Fresh authentic Mediterranean food.

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Just like the freshness of Pita dipped in Taziki sauce, Pitaziki brings delicious, nutritious, fresh Mediterranean food to you in an open and bright interior. Our top quality food and reasonable price...s make us the best option for a healthy, personalized, quick-serve meal any time of the day. It’s the sight and aroma of Pitaziki, pita, falafel and shawarma being made in front of you. It’s exotic Mediterranean entrée choices you can customize any way you want. It’s authentic sauces and flavors you won’t find anywhere else. It’s the graciousness and warmth so characteristic of Mediterranean hospitality. We purchase the freshest ingredients and prepare our foods daily in small batches. Our recipes are both classic and inventive, while our atmosphere is fun and energizing. Pitazkiki’s signature Mediterranean pizzas are the perfect intersection of international flavor and local American tastes. At Pitaziki, we are not only dedicated to satisfying the appetites of our customers, but also to leave them feeling happier. Every one of our staff are committed to making the Pitaziki experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We want you to enjoy good food anytime, anywhere, which is why we offer extended operating hours and high-speed delivery service. We hope to see you at Pitaziki soon, to serve you a great meal!
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31 reviews | 224 orders

The amount of feta they put inside their pitas makes me very happy.


11 reviews | 243 orders

There's a lot of like about this place. Flavorful falafel, better than the competition, packed excellently into a large pita. Great toppings, everything tastes fresh. Though it may be their intention, I knocked off one star because the "assembly line" approach sometimes makes it hard to figure how to keep your meal traditionally middle-eastern, but I think others may actually prefer this.


6 reviews | 71 orders

I love their food and quick service but I ordered nutella pita today with fruit but received no fruit.

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170 Temple St
New Haven CT, 06510
(203) 773-5000